***N E W R E L E A S E***

There’s some nice things going down right now.
One week after our gig at P4Nästa where we ended up on a second placement, wich is just great and we’re so proud of that! Now that song is available for all of you to enjoy. We hope you like it !
// HAi



Upcoming Release

HURT – JUNE 14th

We are so exited for this release!
Last week we played ” HURT ” at the P4Nästa Sveriges radio music-competition
We ended up on second placement and we are proud of our effort.

Next friday this song will be available for you to enjoy on all the major streaming services out there.
Hope you like it!

// HAi

HUMAN AND i, are back!

For 2 years there has been some changes in the band.
Niclas and Oskar decided to quit the band and we now got two new members who are filling up the gaps more than well.
We welcome David Medina- Piano/ Synth/ Lead Vocals and Linus Kristiansson- Guitar!

On Saturday june 11 we did our premier gig on Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg and that was just amazing!


Sommarturnén är över!

Efter sommarens sista gigg utropas
ett stort tack och varma hälsningar från en guppig färja tebax från Tyskland!
Nu blir det tebax in i repan o skriva nya alster!
Puss o kram! /HAi

Vi har det bra här fram o bak och ut o in i bilen.